Magic is a non-binary queer leather slave. They are a self-identified “academic” and aspiring educator and leather historian. Their main passions are history, service, authority transfer, psychology and gender. Magic is a self proclaimed “whore for knowledge” and is constantly looking for new opportunities to learn about M/s, service, and kink history.

They originally joined the kink community in 2015, took a hiatus for school; though they were by no means inactive. They began their career as a sex worker and are approaching five years in the industry. After receiving their degrees, they returned to the community in 2019 thirsting for more. Diving head first into the community magic found themselves in the leather and M/s communities. 

Currently they dedicate themselves to learning more about themselves and the community around them. They offer courses about sexwork, mental health and kink, and provide services to the community.

Born Leather Slave