A Collection of Art and Service

Magics portfolio features an eclectic collection demonstrating their skills. Here are examples of graphic design, fine art, writing, and audio work. Much of its graphic design portfolio consists of logos, social media graphics, and typesetting.
In the fine art portfolio are examples of digital and traditional mediums. Explicit works however are featured on DeviantArt


Writing samples provided are from personal essays, journalistic articles, and erotica. If there is interest in academic work please reach out to Magic directly.
Audio works consist of audio editing, voice acting, and newscast style broadcasts. 
Works in progress and many other projects can be found on Magics social media.

Type Setting and Website Design

MUSE Exhibition Practices Virtual Exhibition

Curatorial Research
Website Design

Researched and wrote for the “Fibers” section of the virtual exhibtion



Website Design

Set up base design and advise on editing


Damn! That’s a Nice Ash! By Devyn Stone


Typeset text for print and ebook, formating cover


The Ravns Report

Editor in Chief

Collection of articles and art, writer, typsetting


Audio Works

Immersive Horror Audio

Voiced and edited by Magic, CW Knife Sharpening, Implied Abduction, Implied Drugging, Implied NonCon

Sample News Cast

An interview with Tom Heiman from a newscast that was recorded and edited by Magic.

College During COVID

Audio editor

Edited interviews to flow better; include intro, outro, & background music


Writing Samples

Journalistic Articles

Magics most recent journalistic work was done with Gamers Decide. While working with the company it wrote thirteen different articles. These ranged from list articles, walk throughs, and opinion pieces.


While Magics blog functions to provide mainly educational resources and reviews of kink books, there are also several “journal entries” and personal essays. In those posts they discuss struggles and lessons they’ve learned in its journey as a disabled queer leather person.
Any works submitted to magazines or anthologies will also be linked here.

Personal Essays


Currently much of their erotica is written as fanworks (also known as fanfiction) that is available on Archive of Our Own. Those works are written from various perspectives, geared towards both masculine and feminine readers, and explore a range of kinks. 
As a general content warning, several of the works explore non-consensual acts or dubious consent. Though all such content is tagged as such and given proper warnings. 

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