Consulting for Educators, Content Creators, and More

One of the main services I provide is consultations. This includes but is not limited to marketing, SEO, accessibility, and social media. I sit down with each client to create things that work best for them. 

My consultations services are entirely inclusive.  My services are also available to those that work in the adult industry in any capacity.  

I offer website design and setup, logo creation, social media graphics, and even twitch emotes!  Several of my consultation packages include some of these services but they can be purchased individually. 

Much like my consultation services these are also available to those that work in the adult industry in any capacity. 

Graphic design

Websites, Logos, Promo Graphics and more!


Fine Art Commissions

As a long term artist trained in a variety of mediums I’m more than happy to aid in all of your art needs! I’ve been trained specifically in oil painting, water colour, ink, pencil, and charcoal. I also have eight years of experience working in digital mediums. 

Before approaching for a commissioned piece please check my portfolio to see if my style appeals to you.

As someone with a passion for education I enjoy helping others learn; be that through helping them get through traditional classes or providing the knowledge myself! I provide tutoring for collegiate level courses for a variety of topics. 

In addition to tutoring I provide courses in leather history and sexuality. Check out my list to see what I can provide!


Tutoring and Classes


Need help with anything else? 

Part of my magic is I have a wide array of services to provide! Some things I’m able to provide is podcast editing, voice acting, zoom moderation, and seamstressing. 

Even if it’s not listed here feel free to shoot me a message. If I personally can’t help I can probably point you in the direction of someone who can!


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