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In line with their consultation services, Magic offers graphic design for logos, websites, Twitch elements, and social media advertisements. They work with you closely to ensure you have the perfect feel and design to get your audience to you. Magic also works to ensure all designs are accessible and easy to read!

To take a look at Magic’s work head over to their portfolio.


What does the process look like?

The first thing Magic does is schedule a consultation to ensure that they are a good fit for what you are looking for. After that consult Magic will then provide some sketches based on what you’re looking for and adjust things based on your feedback. They’ll then proceed to digital colour and then final pieces as you continue on.¬†

I need to be able to reuse the graphics I’m given, is that possible?

Yes! Upon request Magic will create Canva templates for your use and include an instruction page to make modification easy.

Can I hire magic to make all my social media graphics?

You absolutely can. Magic has a “retainer” contract available for those who wish to outsource all of their graphic design needs. All contracts have a base price negotiated per graphic made.¬†

What does “Accessible Graphic Design” mean?

It means to make design elements accessible to those with low vision, light sensitivity, or colour blindness. Magic also provides alternative text for graphic design elements 

What kinds of businesses are Magic willing to work with?

Magic is open to working with companies, small businesses, and individuals. They have worked with businesses ranging from conventions, etsy sellers, to content creators. It is also more than willing to provide consultation to those in the adult industry.


Free First Consult


Flexible payment plans


Template Creation


Twitch Elements


Accessible Graphic Design


The rates for each graphic design element have a starting price and the price is further discussed in your first consultion. The more complicated or the more elements their are the higher the price.

Logo – $150+
Social Media Graphic – $20+
Social Media Template – $40+
Website – $200+
Twitch Elements – $30+
Retainer Contracts – $20+



Custom Packages

For those looking for marketing consultations and graphic design work custom packages are available. For example, my most common custom package is logo creation and branding consultation. Because both are relevant to each other the costs of the logo and branding consultations are combined.

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