Leather slave



The Heart of the Problem

Sometimes as a slave or submissive, there come times where you physically cannot provide service due to health. This can happen when you injure yourself, say break an arm or a leg, or with more serious health conditions that make tasks difficult. This can be really...

Pervertables and Where to Get Them

Pervertables are arguably some of my favourite toys. They can be inexpensive, easy to find, and bring new and interesting sensations. For those that are unaware what pervertables are, they're any everyday object that can be turned into a toy. The most common examples...

Sex Work as a Service

While laying in bed the other night I had a rather interesting question pop into my head, can you do sex work as a service to a D-type? As someone who is a service type person who's also been doing sex work for about five years now this is something that is very...