One of the main services Magic provides are various consultations to aid in the creation of ones business or promotion of your existing business. Magic sits down with you and helps figure out what you need to get yourself out there and be successful; be it branding, social media management, content creation, monetization, and more. Each consultation session is set up to address your specific needs.

What does consultation from Magic look like?

Consultations with Magic always focus on accessibility and ensuring you get everything you need. Magic offers a free first consultation to ensure it is a good match for what you are looking for.

What topics does Magic consult on?

Magic specializes in marketing, social media, SEO, operations, accessibility, and design.

What kinds of businesses are Magic willing to work with?

Magic is open to working with companies, small businesses, and individuals. They have worked with businesses ranging from conventions, etsy sellers, to content creators. It is also more than willing to provide consultation to those in the adult industry.


Free First Consult


Flexible payment plans


Flexible scheduling


Open to video, call, or text

Hourly Rates

$60 per hour is what the standard hourly rate is. However if it is decided multiple session are necessary bulk rates are available for:

 4-9 hours – $50/hr
10-15 hours – $40/hr
16+ hours – $35/hr



Custom Packages

For those looking for marketing consultations and graphic design work custom packages are available. For example, my most common custom package is logo creation and branding consultation. Because both are relevant to each other the costs of the logo and branding consultations are combined.

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