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I’m a kink educator and adult content creator! I’ve been a member of the kink community since 2015 and became much more active in 2019.
I’m also an artist and crafter and currently attending graduate school.

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Here is a list of mental health resources that was put together by Guan Xuan for THRIVE Conference. THRIVE is an annual mental health and kink conference.

The Resources Listed Include:

  • Crisis Hotlines/Texlines (General, LGBTQ+, Muslim, Substance Abuse, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence included)
  • Anti-Asian Violence Resources
  • Mindfluness Apps (BIPOC Based included)
  • Therapist Directories (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Kink/BDSM aware, Poly aware, and more included)

Below are resource lists in regards to Anti-Asian Violence. I am also including other resources for individuals to learn about histories of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders, and the US’ actions. Resources will be added or updated regularly.

Anti-Asian Violence Resources Cardd


Asian Americans / Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Here are resources and information on the Black Lives Matter movement. There are also resources for individuals to learn about institutionalized racism. Resources and information will be added or updated as needed.

Black Lives Matter carrd

 Information on being antiracist

Racism in HealthCare

The Cost of Institutional Racism and its Ethical Implications for Healthcare

Report to the UN on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System


Here are resources to learn about Native issues, histories, and how to provide support. This list will be updated as new resources are found.

Murdered Missing Indigenous Women

What Native Land Am I On

Land Back

NPR Article on Canadian Boarding Schools

Northern Plains Reservation Aid

Stop Line 3

An Indeginous Peoples’ History of the United States (Book)

Here is information on Judaism as a culture and a religion and information on Antisemitism. More information will be added as I find reliable resources!

Judaism Entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica

Propaganda and Media, US Holocaust Memorial

Fact Sheet on Antisemitic Stereotypes

Antisemitism in the US put together by Dr Inna Kanevsky

Here are resources to learn more about Islam and the ongoing anti-Muslim sentiment. This list will be updated as resources are found!

This is a list of resources for individuals that wish to start unlearning racism and work towards decolonization. New and updated resources will be added as they are found.

Decolonization is Not A Metaphor

How to Unlearn Racism by Abigail Libers

The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Racial Equity Institute

A list of resources to various LGBTQ organizations and information. This list is always growing and expanding. If you have resources that you think would be useful here shoot me a message and I’ll add it!

Trans FAQ Cardd

Queer History Sources

Documents of Studies and Resources Put together by Dr. Inna Kanevsky

Queer and Indigenous Resources

Indigenous Sexualities: Resisting Conquest and Translation 

Here are lists of resources for the Kink Community. The first table features resources that are beginner friendly, which is where I suggest everyone new to kink start. Other resources are those relevant to those that are more experienced in the community or for other relevant topics. 

Youtube Podcasts Books

Watts the Safeword

Twisted Monk Rope

 Morgan Thorne BDSM

Carter Johnson Library Collection

Leather Archives and Museums

Off the Cuffs

Erotic Awakening

 Pink Kink

Watts Your Safeword

Disability after Dark



The New Topping/ The New Bottoming Book

Playing Well With Others by Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams

The Consent Primer by The Consent Academy



Diversity in The Kink Community


Here are resources on learning about disability history and ableism. Resources will be added or updated as they are found!

Americans With Disability Act (ADA)

History of The Americans With Disability Act

Disability Rights Education Defense Fund

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