Something that I hold to be a very important part of my education in the kink community, dynamics, and my own person journey is reading. In fact that’s one of the easiest ways for me to obtain information as I can do so at my own pace. It also makes topics much more accessible than from a class that is only taught once or twice a year from a handful of individuals.
So as a result I wanted to review some of the books I decided to read along on my journey!

On the docket for this review is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo.

Many of you are probably familiar with her Netflix special as of late and the memes that went around about if something sparked joy. While it was funny and all her book is something I most definitely recommend, especially for those that are domestic service types.

I was already familiar with the methods of organizing and cleaning but I saw the book at a used book shop we visited and decided to pick it up. I’m super happy that I did.

To be entirely honest, when I moved in with Devyn his apartment was clean but it was not very tidy. Devyn himself is a very organised individual but he’s insanely busy and had a lot of items that he had been bringing back from all his traveling. It’s that mess that happens when you’re really only home long enough to eat and sleep. One of my tasks was to help with that!

I already had an idea of how I wanted to organize things but after reading the book it really solidified how to do things. I was able to help Devyn purge insane amounts of paper, various clothing and shoes, and other items that we’ve put up for sale. This was only possible because of her method she lays out for getting rid of items. Devyn has no problem deciding whether or not to keep an object but the order in which we did it and how everything is done not by room but by category is what made it run so smoothly.

What I found most interesting was how in every chapter discussing how and why to get rid of things and why certain methods didn’t work she always, always, kept mentioning how you can’t start organizing until you’re done discarding items. That is what made organizing later on the easiest because everything that we wanted was there and there was the space for things.

The second part of the book was how to organize certain things ranging from clothing, to knick knacks, to books. This is where she had a lot of tips that I like and follow. I 100% recommend her method of folding clothing. I managed to get my insane amount of socks, underwear, and bra’s in one drawer! (Though I don’t think anything will top 840’s 51 pairs of socks).

The book helped us get Devyns things, 840’s things, and my things to fit in a 732 sq/ft one bedroom apartment pretty reasonably! There are still some things to figure out, but those are coming along.

In love and leather