I figured I should offer an updated journal since my last one was a little concerning. My health is improving! We’ve got me on a new medication that should help keep my heart rate lowered and I’m feeling better not only physically but mentally. I feel much more equipped to handle the projects I was hoping to work on! 

 I’ve got an itch to knit and I’ve got some new patterns that will hopefully make an appearance in my etsy! As I’m unpacking things from my families recent move I’m uncovering all the beads and jewelry making supplies to create some more fun stuff as well. 

I’m also neck deep in TikTok, constantly watching other peoples videos and making my own. While I do post some kink education stuff on there, it ends up being mostly my daily shenanigans. My favourite shenanigans are the ones with my boyfriend though. Given the nick-name “Mr Pitch a Tent in a Tent” by one of my friends he’s become a hashtag all on his own. 

Speaking of my boyfriend, it’s been interesting exploring dynamics with him. He’s still very new to the scene and there’s a lot for him to learn. One difficulty on my end is that since I’m the more knowledgeable partner (which is very weird for me) is that it’s sometimes hard to see him as authority figure. It’s kind of brings to light the kind of subconscious idea that the Dominant knows more than the submissive and is the guiding hand that is common in the kink scene. It’s something I’m having to work through myself to see him as someone to obey and find a sense of deference. 

In love and leather