So it’s all easy and fun talking about how household management is a service and why, but how do you actually do it? What actually makes up household management?

I generally separate household management into three subsections:

-Maintenance and Upkeep

Of these sub sections one can take on one or all three. It is up to what kind of skills the s-type has, what the D-type is in need of, and what things the D-type wants to do themselves. So for example, 840’s current primary responsibility in household management is the finances. In the future it is very likely that I will be responsible for housekeeping and perhaps some aspects of maintenance and upkeep.


Housekeeping is usually what people first think of with domestic service. These are everyday tasks that keep the house clean, organized, and running smoothly.
Some of the most common tasks are:

-Preparing Meals
-Trash Removal
-General Sanitation

However, what makes housekeeping part of management is that you are keeping track of what the household needs and maintaining organization.
Some examples of these tasks are:

-Weekly Menu Creation
-Shopping for Food or Cleaning Supplies
-Pet Care
-Simple Secretarial Duties

The key part here to it being a service is you are simply tracking these things or the D-type has placed the responsibility of a decision on you. For example, the D-type may give you food allergies and likes and dislikes for a weekly menu, you research appropriate recipes, and you bring the menu to the D-type for approval.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and Upkeep is essentially making sure the actual structure of the home is in good working order. So being responsible for fixing or contacting the appropriate folx to repair plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc.

If you live in a house and not an apartment this can also mean outdoor maintenance such as lawn and garden care, ensuring the roof is in good condition, and snow and ice removal.


This is where duties are very similar to that of an accountant! As this requires intimate knowledge of banking information some D-types may or may not place an s-type in charge of finances; though this depends on living situations and the specifics of the dynamic. In many cases s-types are actually very good with money and this is something they can readily provide. Case in point, 840.
Financial management is relatively straight forward and consists of:

-Paying Bills (Rent/Mortgage, Utilities, Credit Card Bills, etc) on Time
-Keeping Accurate Records of Expenditures and Receipts
-Setting Aside Money for Emergencies

A sub category of finances however is taxes. Due to the much more personal nature of the required information a D-type may or may not do their own. This is of course, up to the relationship and dynamic that is negotiated. Though I have no doubt that if an s-type is eager to help with filing taxes, very few would deny them that pleasure.

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