The story of how we met doesn’t start with our meeting but with how Devyn and my leather dad and mom, Sir Cadillac (or Caddy) and slave shy, met. Caddy and Shy had gone to Oklahoma Leather Fest and attended a cigar service class, that just so happened to be taught by Devyn. They talked to Devyn and asked if he would be up to teaching a class in Kansas once they got the dungeon up and running (this was before the Ravns Nest had officially opened). Devyn of course said he would totally be down to come up and teach a class.

Now we fast forward to October 26th 2019, Devyn and 840 were presenting Pronouns and Acronyms and Concepts, Oh My! at our Halloween party. Caddy had been telling us about him, that was when he was going by Sir Horror, and how he was a trans man but wasn’t doing medical transition. My response to that was “okay cool!” it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

When he showed up my first thought was “oh this person’s hot.”
Then he started talking and my second thought was “Oh my god this person is really hot.”

After his class I took the opportunity to talk to him and 840 some, a lot of folks were wanting to talk to him so in the beginnings of the night I kind of went off and did my own thing. Towards the end some of my family, Devyn, and I all sat in the smoking room hanging out talking. Devyn was sharing some of his adventures and we were talking back and forth. At one point I mentioned how I wanted to have someone’s actual boot print on my ass, not just from one of the paddles, but someones actual boot tread. He perked up and said “I have boots!” and told 840 to go get his boots. He, quite literally, kicked my ass thirteen times.
I had some lovely bruises but alas no boot print.

Fast forward to February 14th, Devyn and 840 were teaching Extreme Edge Ownership at the Ravns Nest Valentines day party. I got to talk to them a little bit before the class, I was actually getting something from the car as they had arrived and asked if they would like assistance taking anything in. It was somewhat of a blur before the class, I was running around helping set things up and trying to make sure I got food.

The class itself was the beginning of the most interesting part of the night for me. I had asked Devyn if it was okay if I took pictures of him for the Ravns Report, to which he said yes! Despite being preoccupied taking pictures, I was thoroughly enthralled by the class. The class it self covers a lot of the material in his first book but uses his dynamic with 840 as an example. I thought to myself “you can do that?!” several times during the class and wanted to know more. Though of course being rather timid I don’t think I asked many questions during or after the class.
That evening though he was talking about how he was looking for just a “romance slave.” A slave that would just be romantic and cuddly with him when he needed it. I heard that and of course perked up, you could almost see dog ears and everything!

That evening was also when I was doing servicey things for my brother. At the end of the evening I was grabbing all of our things and brought most of our things out in one go to the smoking room. As I was walking out they were talking about how impressive I was cause I had gotten their phone and wallet out for them already. There was a pause as I came out covered in bags and Devyn said “I need a human like that!” to which I responded with a wave and a soft “Hi!”

Before we had left Devyn was told about how the next party was Edge Play Night and decided he was coming back up and bringing friends! A few days later in my leather families group chat someone mentioned that Devyn was looking for a fear and knife bottom. I was so excited that I proceeded to message him while I was at work… substitute teaching middle schoolers….

I was in luck! He was still looking for a bottom! When I got off work I video called him and negotiated the scene. My brother was with me and also negotiated a scene for after mine. Come Saturday night I was excited and extremely nervous. I picked out which knives he could use, confirmed what we had negotiated, and we started the scene.

I think the best way to describe how the scene went is to simply share the messages I sent him.

Facebook Messanger

Hey so like it’s a lot easier for me to like express things in writing cause a lot of the time words in my brain have a hard time making it to the mouth hole so I wrote a like letter thing for you. I ended up putting it in a google doc cause it got kind of long and that would suck to try to read as like a message on a phone. It also may be kind of jumbled cause I still haven’t slept yet but I really felt the need to write this before I forget it.

My Letter To Devyn (Certain parts have been removed as they contain personal information)

Sir Horror,

I know I’ve already said it several times before we left but I can’t thank you enough for that fear scene. I was so nervous for that scene because I was so afraid that I would become unresponsive early on in the scene but the moment we started the exact opposite happened. For the first time in an incredibly long time I felt like I truly existed. I became so acutely aware of my body that for the first time in a long time I could actually feel the air on my skin. I was so sensitive that the touch of even the rubber knife felt sharp and painful. Anytime you ran a blade’s edge across my skin I could not tell if it was actually cutting me or not. It was absolutely terrifying and I loved it. 

While the scene itself was incredible how you brought it to a close is what really made it. With your nails raking against my skin it brought me to such a body ripping orgasm (thankfully I didn’t squirt) that caused me to black out for a second. Next your hand was in my hair and you were leaning over me. I opened my eyes in my cum drunk stupor ready for the next set of threats and knives. As my eyes focused I saw your hair was down and a gentle smile. I saw soft, kind, and caring eyes looking at me. “I’m your friend again. Are we friends again?” At that moment I felt valued, genuinely valued.

I don’t want to thank you just for the scene but for also helping me learn and understand more about the leather community. Sir Cadillac tells us about how you become so close with individuals all over the country and that even if you only see that person once a year for three days at a leather convention that that bond is just as strong as any bond in your local community. While I believed that to be true I didn’t understand it. That is until I met you and in turn met your family last night. The first time you came up and taught a class when I mentioned I wanted a boot print on my ass and you very excitedly perked up “I have boots!” was incredible. Then when you came back to teach another class and enlisted the families help to water board 840 and then beat the crap out of Daniel. That night when we all spent hours in the smoking room just talking and talking like we’ve been friends for years and years.

When [family members name] messaged the family that you were looking for a bottom I was so nervous when I messaged you that you were going to say no but you were excited that I was interested. You took me completely seriously and even though I’ve had no experience with fear play and I was quite literally a “wild card” you were still more than willing to do the scene with me. Even though I’m young and new to the community you’ve treated me as a person of leather since the moment you met me. I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent with you and your leather family. 

I’ve really been thinking that maybe sometime in the future when I’m further along in my path as a person of leather that I want to run for a title. I really hope you win Heartland Person of Leather because if I get asked “Who is a previous title holder that inspires you and why?” I can talk to the judges about you. 
Sincerely with Love and Leather

Facebook Messanger

Honestly this is the best way I can describe it (and it’s super dumb) but when you pulled me out of the scene and you were leaning over how you looked leaning over me was in like in the end of action movies when the love interest gets hurt or something and the hero goes ballistic and saves the day and then runs to the love interest and it cuts to a like pov as the love interest opens their eyes and there’s like all the dreamy lights and cheesy romantic background music

After that we spoke nearly every day all day. Texting, video calls, phone calls. We were practically as inseparable as we could be during a pandemic while living two states away.

In love and leather