While laying in bed the other night I had a rather interesting question pop into my head, can you do sex work as a service to a D-type? As someone who is a service type person who’s also been doing sex work for about five years now this is something that is very interesting to me. As I started to think about it I decided that yes, you can do sex work as a service. 

My first thought on how it is a service is that you are quite literally providing some kind of sexual service to the person paying. Regardless of if you’re a stripper, escort, performer, or producer you are providing some kind of service to the customer. That service can be as direct as providing a blow job, or more indirect by providing masturbatory content.

 My next thought was it’s a way to provide a financial service. If your D-type has complete financial authority (I include job/career and education in this) then by working you are providing a service to your D-type. It’s know pretty well that when you’re successful in the world of sex work that you do make a decent amount of money, and if that’s something that belongs to your D-type then that’s a service. This of course brought the idea into my head of what if a Financial Dom was doing it as a service to their D-type. Financial Authority Inception! This could also be applicable to if the D-type works in the production of porn and is need of a model, if they have the authority and the s-type fits the bill, why not?

Finally the next thing I thought of was that perhaps it’s a service to your D-types kinks or fetishes. Maybe they like videos or knowing that their s-types skills are so good that they can make money off them. Maybe the D-type is not a very sexual person and the s-type is and by doing sex work they release some of that energy. Perhaps the s-type is shy or embarrassed easily and the D-type gets off on the discomfort of the s-type. Perhaps both are exhibitionists or voyeurs and get off on creating and watching videos. It could be anything!

This of course isn’t an exhaustive list, just some kind of random thoughts I’ve had. Do you guys think sex work could be a service? Why or why not? 



in love and leather